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, 08 Feb. 2017

Carmakers, Globalization and a Sledgehammer

[via Medium] Over the years, producers have excelled at minimizing supplies and reducing waste. Just-in-time manufacturing allowed companies to stay lean with inventory that can last as little as four hours – that is before the next shipment arrives. The…

Bloomberg, 20 Jan. 2017

VIDEO: Omar Alghanim speaks on Acute Youth Challenges in the Middle East at Davos 2017

[via Bloomberg] Alghanim Industries Chief Executive Officer Omar Kutayba Alghanim discusses the challenges of generational change in the Middle East with Bloomberg's Tom Keene from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

YouTube, 19 Jan. 2017

VIDEO: Omar Alghanim speaks on global issues at the World Economic Forum

[via YouTube] https://youtu.be/GrPm-oDnE2I Omar Alghanim, CEO of Alghanim Industries and Chairman of Gulf Bank, shares his perspective with France24 on the incoming U.S. administration, a changing global economy, and why gender diversity is so important.

World Economic Forum, 19 Jan. 2017

VIDEO: CEO Omar Alghanim speaks at the World Economic Forum on Meeting The Youth Imperative January 2017

via World Economic Forum Annual Meeting See here for full interview on the World Economic Forum Website. Over 13% of the world's youth are unemployed and, in many countries, this figure easily goes beyond 40%. What innovative approaches in education…

Kuwait Times, 07 Dec. 2016

Alghanim Industries, Slim Chickens sign partnership

[via Kuwait Times] Slim Chickens, a leader in the “better chicken” segment of fast-casual restaurants, will continue expansion of its fresh chicken concept for the first time outside of the United States through a partnership with Alghanim Industries, one of…

Arabian Business, 07 Dec. 2016

Alghanim Industries to launch Slim Chickens in MENA

[via Arabian Business] Alghanim Industries and US-based food and beverage (F&B) chain Slim Chickens said on Tuesday they have signed a master franchise agreement to roll out Slim Chickens restaurants across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The…

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